Queen For A Year


(as of Feb. 1, 2024)

Monique Kozma

Pauline Maskwa ... Peace, Love and Bees


Information about our "Queen for a Year" Program

Looking for the perfect gift for the person who has everything?

Wanting a way to contribute that will make a huge difference to the life and well-being of local bees?
Seeking an ultra-environmentally-friendly way to share the bounty of your life?

Queen for a Year” is a great way to support bees!

Makes a wonderful tribute or gift for birthdays, wedding, anniversaries, baby shows, holidays, retirement, community and school group fundraising drives, or corporate team building activities.

Or why not give it to yourself?

WE WILL AWARD a maximum of 20 “Queen for a Year Honours” in 2024.

Many benefits are bestowed on those select few, including:
1) The right to name ONE Bees Are Life beehive for one year;
2) The Queen who rules in that hive will be named after you or a woman close to your heart (your choice of the Queen’s name);
3) A framed Queen bee quilt will hang in our store, bearing an inscription naming the “Queen for the Year”;
4) To commemorate your “reign” you will be presented with your choice of a similar framed Queen bee quilt with engraved inscription plaque (as above) – OR – Two t-shirts from our collection of Bee-Tees (your choice of style and size);
5) 10 x 500g jars of pure, Raw, 100% Ontario honey harvested from "your" beehive will be presented to you at the end of the harvest season (bearing a suitably inscribed label on each jar). If that hive is very prolific you may receive even more honey ... equivalent to up to 10% of the hive's production!;
6) You and a friend will be invited to visit your beehive for one hour during a hive check lead by our Head Beekeeper (Note: certain restrictions apply*);
7) You will receive monthly updates on the progress of the bees in your colony;
8) As “Queen for a Year” your bee-friendly message to the world will be published on our website.

Your financial contribution of $500.00 to Bees Are Life will secure your naming as “Queen for a Year”. Your contribution will be used to support your beehive (equipment, supplies, beekeeper) and to grow our apiary. Contributions are non-deductible for income tax purposes, as we are not a registered charity.

For further details please contact us at beesarelife@gmail.com

* Restrictions on hive visit:
1) Visitors will be required to:
a) be attired in proper bee-gear (provided by Bees Are Life);
b) sign a General Liability Waiver and a photo release;
c) attend a 30 minute pre-hive visit orientation;
d) conduct oneself appropriately and abide by the rules of the beeyard;
2) Persons under 14 years of age not permitted, those 14-18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult;
3) Visit will be pre-booked and based on beekeeper availability, however may be cancelled up to 2 hours in advance if weather does not permit.