How we’re building “Bees Are Life”?

Bees Are Life Inc.'s goals are to:

  1. Engage the public through education about the plight of all bees, and how we all can help protect and support them;
  2. Establish and manage honeybee hives throughout the Greater Toronto Area, both belonging to our organization and for others;
  3. Teach the art and skill of beekeeping through lectures, courses, mentorship and apprenticeship opportunities;
  4. Build partnerships with local like-minded organizations and landowners who can offer beeyard space for hives;
  5. Sell local 100% Ontario Honeys and other products of the beehive to provide industry-related jobs, and support the livelihoods of many local Ontario beekeepers (including our own hives);
  6. Raise funds to support bee research and other educational activities;
  7. Advocate for the modernization of legislation as it relates to keeping honeybees in and around urban centres;
  8. Support and teach the principles of “Bee-Wise Gardening”;
  9. Partner with other not-for-profit organizations, NGOs and charities in the field to build new capacities to support bees.

Bees Are Life, Inc. was incorporated in 2013. We are registered Beekeepers with OMAFRA and Members of the Ontario Beekeepers Association and Toronto District Beekeepers Association.

In our early days Bees Are Life Inc. sold delicious and delectable 100% Ontario Honeys only to shoppers at Toronto area Farmer's Markets. Our honeys became so popular that many customers asked where they could find them after Farmer's Market season ended. To satisfy Toronto’s growing "real honey" appreciation our first retail store opened on November 1, 2014 on Eglinton Avenue W. In June 2016 we moved to our new, larger home, located at 1265 St. Clair Ave W. - and it's now a hub for honey aficionados and the home of many beekeeping events. Drop in to find the finest in 100% Ontario honeys (as of December 2020, from 37 independent Ontario beekeepers) or to explore our wide array of apitherapy products, Beekeeping Equipment, bee giftware, custom wedding and event honeys, and unique honey gift baskets ... all which make great gifts. 

And one fun store policy: Children under 14 who visit are ALWAYS offered a FREE Honey Stick (one per child, once per day).