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We are Beekeepers !!! Bees Are Life’s Mission is “to advance the understanding and preservation of the honeybee as a vital resource in our ecosystem and food web, through public education, advocacy, support for Ontario beekeepers, and the keeping of urban and suburban beehives”.

Bees Are Life... it's that simple!

Bees Are Life, Inc. is a social enterprise whose goal is to support and re-establish the world’s dwindling honeybee and native bee populations in one corner of the world at a time, starting in Toronto, Canada. We do this by managing bees in urban and suburban locations using sustainable beekeeping practices, going organic wherever possible. To share the “bounty of the bee” we work with local beekeepers to bring pure 100% Ontario Honey to the public through our Toronto retail store (The Ontario Honey House), Farmer’s Markets in the GTA, online, at many special events and as suppliers to other fine retailers. And, with a focus on public education we will further grow the public awareness of the importance of bees to our planet.

Why are Bees "Life"?

It is said that at least one-third of every bite of food we eat exists because of the direct pollination work and intervention of bees. If you look further down the food chain the positive impact the bee has on our food supply is much greater. That means if you love to eat you have to love bees!

It's about time the precarious state of honeybee and native bee populations all throughout the world is receiving public recognition. Honeybee populations are in precarious situation, in some parts of the world up to 90% of bee populations have perished. Native habitat and forage grounds are disappearing at an alarming rate as industrialization continues. The invasion of the Varroa Destructor mite and other bee pests and diseases continues, causing significant winter losses and the general decline in health of bees. The unabated use of pesticides (especially neonicotinoids) in agricultural areas, cosmetic pesticides in urban areas and industrial pollution (each and in combination) are responsible for the mass die off of bees. Frankly, for the last 20 years bees have had a very rough go of it! In Ontario in 2014 almost 60% of honeybees did not survive our winter (whereas 15% is the norm) another critical factor in the success of our local bee population. The situation is slowly improving but at far too slow a pace.

We extend our most heartfelt thanks to our Supporters


Monique Kozma... "Our Queen Mum"


Cathy Kozma                                                                           Michael Weissenborn


 Black Creek Pioneer Village                                        Mark, Mary & Heather Cullen                                                  
 David & Nancy Stewart


We are now accepting applications for the 2023 Beekeeping season. Our "Introduction to Beekeeping" course is the entrée to Membership. 2023 Membership limited to 16 New-Bees. Please contact us for further information. 

BEE SUPPORTERS 2023                                              

For every 10 Bee Supporters we establish a new Beehive

BEE BUDDIES 2023                                           

For every 20 new Bee Buddies we establish a new Beehive 


Memberships extend Jan 1st - Dec 31st.

Bees Are Life... it's that simple!

Contact us for more information, or to become a Bees Are Life member.
Our email is beesarelife@gmail.com