Our Guarantee

All our Honeys labelled as 100% Ontario Honey will have ONLY pure, 100% Ontario Honey in the jar ... no water added, no high fructose corn syrup or rice syrup added, no honeys from foreign sources blended or added. This is the standard our partner Beekeepers offer us, and we are proud to extend that to you.

When shopping for "honey" in the grocery store or at other retailers make sure you read the labels very closely, and ask "what is actually in this jar?". Finally some honey packers are including truth-in-labelling information on the label, especially as to the country of origin of the "honey", and other ingredients that may have been added. 

Buying through Bees Are Life, Honeys from Ontario Beekeepers, is still the best way to ensure you are getting pure Honey (and only Honey) in the jar. You will taste the difference!