Venex ® Ointment - Bee Venom Cream 4 x 30 ml Tubes

Venex ® Ointment - Bee Venom Cream 4 x 30 ml Tubes

Venex ® Ointment - Bee Venom Cream 4 x 30 ml Tubes

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VeneX® Ointment is an effective Anti-inflammatory ointment made with Canadian Honeybee venom. Their specialized, ethical extraction method ensures that bees do not die in the process of venom collection. Contains ingredients of natural or nature identical origin = 86.4%. 

Made in Canada by Apitronic Services, Richmond B.C.  Packaged in a 30 ml / 1 fl. oz tube. 

Please read the complete Product Monograph included in the package prior to any use. Bee venom may cause an allergic reaction, severe in some cases. Avoid contact with eyes, mouth, nose and genitals. Keep out of reach of children.

Venex® is so popular that we're offering a 10% discount on bulk purchases of 4 x 30 ml tubes, and you'll also save on shipping multiple packages ... try it once, we're confident you'll order it again.  Single tubes listed as a separate item "Venex ® Ointment - Bee Venom Cream 30 ml Tube". Also available to try in a 1g travel size tube.

Excerpts from the Venex ® Product Monograph:

"NOTE : FOR TOPICAL USE ONLY, Read enclosed instructions before administering, this is a potent ointment.

FIELD OF APPLICATION:  Bee Venom Therapy,  Cosmetic Apitherapy / Acupuncture, Electrophoresis / Iontophoresis, Physiotherapy / Massage, Sports Injuries, Stiper Therapy, Ultrasonophoresis.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Apis Venenum Purum (Honeybee Venom), Methyl Nicotinate, Oleum sinapis volatile, Oleum Terebinthinae, Piper nigrum oil and Proprietary blend of pure essential oils ... and other ingredients.

COMMON USES: Preferred indications are chronic neuritis, degenerative arthropathy, functional disturbances of muscles, ligaments, and tendinous insertions, lumbago, muscle warming prior to and during sports activities, myalgia, neuralgia, peripheral circulatory disturbances, sciatica, subchronic and chronic polyarthritis, shingles and sports injuries. Pain relief is not immediate and typically is evident 1 - 2 weeks after starting the treatment.

NOTE - CONTRAINDICATIONS: There are no contraindications against the use of VeneX® Ointment unless any of the ingredients are contraindicated. VeneX® Ointment contains honeybee venom that is contraindicated to patients or are most at risk with known allergy to bee venom, asthma sufferers, during pregnancy, breast feeding, to infants and small children, and patients with kidney disorders. Do not use this product if never been stung by a bee or exposed to any forms of bee venom."

For ultra-sensitive skin we recommend you pair this with our beloved Toronto Botanicals Honey Soap, great for everyday use. It's available unscented (we call it "Bee-Natural") or in 11 different scents, all made using only naturally sourced ingredients. Try it once, and you'll likely never use a chemical based soap again.