McRory Buckwheat Honey - 500g

McRory Buckwheat Honey - 500g

McRory Buckwheat Honey - 500g

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McRory Buckwheat Honey is robust, very dark in colour, and with a natural smokey-malty-coffee-molasses flavour.  It's our best selling Buckwheat Honey !!! From the New Liskeard area of Northern Ontario. 

Have you ever tried Buckwheat Honey? You must !!!  It's a whole new taste sensation when it comes to honey, and totally delicious. It also happens to be among the healthiest of honeys, with strong anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties.

Doctors now also recommend Buckwheat Honey as an effective remedy for coughs ... and it tastes so much better than commercial cough syrups.

Please note: Buckwheat Honey (similar to other late season crop honeys) tends to naturally crystallize faster than others. If you'd like to ensure yours jar is liquid please leave us a Note on your order page, otherwise it may be partially or fully crystallized. FYI, we cannot guarantee that plastic pails will arrive uncrystallized / liquid.

Here's a Beekeeper who really knows what he's doing!

Available in 500g and 1kg glass jars and 3kg plastic pail.

Doug McRory was first exposed to bees as a child, and became a Beekeeper while still in high school. He studied Apiculture and Entomology at the University of Guelph. After years of Beekeeping experience he became the Provincial Apiarist of Manitoba, and later (for over 30 years and until his retirement) was Ontario's Chief Provincial Apiarist.  Now a Beekeeper for almost 50 years, he's again at it full time, and produces some of Ontario's finest honeys. 

Doug's almost 600 beehives in 25 bee yards are in the Guelph, Kitchener and Cambridge areas of Ontario. He is also a preeminent breeder of Ontario Queen Bees and producer of nucs.