Bee-Come a Supporter

BEES ARE LIFE Membership Classifications:

You admire bees, want to find a way to help them, and know that supporting a cause that loves bees is a great way to improve our planet’s future. In addition to a quarterly e-newsletter and acknowledgement on our website you get a “teaser” taste 150g jar of our own Bees Are Life honey and free attendance at one of our "Introduction to Beekeeping" in-store seminars. Contribution is $39.00 per year. For every 20 Bee Buddies we will establish a new beehive.

Valid Jan. 1st - Dec 31st.

You are prepared to give up a coffee and muffin per month to support local bees. You get all the benefits of above, plus a detailed quarterly beeyard update (March to December), a larger taste of our bees’ honey (330g jar) and a 10% discount on all honey purchases. Contribution is $69.00 per year. For every 10 Bee Supporters we sign up we will establish a new beehive (and that's where your honey will come from, in the fall). Every month we hold a draw, and one lucky winner has the opportunity to join us for a beeyard workday, one per year (attendance at an in-store beeyard update prior to beeyard visit is mandatory).

Valid Jan. 1st - Dec. 31st.

You LOVE honey, appreciate that Ontario’s is among the world’s finest, and want to try many different varieties. Your "Exclusive Benefit" is once per month, for 6 months, a 330g or 500g jar of 100% Ontario honey, each month from a different beekeeper, is yours for pick-up. We curate this collection, and make sure you get a wide-ranging experience. Your first package will also include a Wooden Honey Dipper. Enrollment can be at any time during the year, and you can select which month you would like to start receiving your honey. Fee is $99.00. Can also be delivered to your door, delivery is extra and Canada Post rates apply. 

You are interested in getting "hands-on experience" working with bees for a season, and we hope you may want to become a beekeeper some day yourself. Your contribution of $189.00 goes in large part to the cost of the insurance we carry to allow you into our beeyards. In store seminars are all free (materials fee only applies, if applicable) and you must buy your own set of beekeeping gloves from us (price ranges $20 - $35 depending on style) which you promise not to use in other beeyards. We provide the balance of the gear and do not allow you to bring in gear from other beeyards, as a hygienic and Bio-security practice. There are a pre-set number of openings per year and participants are subject to acceptance; an application and interview are required. Commitment to a minimum of 6 beeyard sessions per season is expected. We publish a schedule monthly of beeyard visits and sign-ups are on a first come, first served basis. All sessions include instruction and mentoring.

At season’s end you receive 3 x 330g jars of our bees’ bounty, and throughout the year you get 10% off everything you buy in our store - honey, giftware, hive equipment and beekeeping books included. BONUS - 15% off for purchases in December, to support your Holiday Gift giving.

Valid April 1st - Dec 31st.

You have a suitable, legal site on which to keep bees and you'd like to host Bees Are Life's Beehives for at least two seasons. Your site must be within one hour's drive of our store, and you agree that we will register your site with OMAFRA. May also include training of you, your volunteers and/or staff for a nominal fee. From the hives located on your property you'll receive 10% of the honey produced (referred to as "Landowner Honey Share"). The $199.00 fee covers the bees’ pollination services for the year; you may request bees occasionally be relocated within your same site to maximize pollination effectiveness. Fee is waived if you permit us to bring our New-Bee and Beekeeper Members to your site for training. You may also purchase up to 50% of the honey produced on your site for a pre-determined fee (in bulk format, jarring is extra).

Valid Jan.1st - Dec. 31st. 

You have past beekeeping experience and you want the opportunity to work with bees, but not keep your own at the moment. Commitment required for a minimum of 20 beeyard hours, including acting as mentor when in our beeyards. Own dedicated bee gear is required (we provide a hive tool). In store seminars are all free (one in-store beeyard update per month is mandatory). An honorarium may be paid. There are a pre-set number of openings per year and participants are subject to acceptance; an application and interview are required.

Valid Mar.1st - Dec.31st.

You become one of our "Queen Bees" for the year, and receive our highest level of rewards and thanks. See separate description.


a) All honey in these rewards is Bees Are Life own 100% Ontario Honey, except for the Honey Lovers … where you receive honey from various Southern Ontario beekeepers, a different one each month (our selection).
b) All in-store seminars are currently suspended due to CoVid19. Once they resume they require pre-registration and are subject to space availability or cancellation. Some seminars will have an associated materials fee, which all participants are required to pay.
c) Numbers are limited, and are set annually by the number of beeyard locations and hives under our management. Sharing a limited amount of personal information and signing our Liability Waiver are required. You are responsible for your own transportation to and from the beeyard (car pooling may be available) and your own refreshments on site.