Honey sticks - Buckwheat 10pk

Honey sticks - Buckwheat 10pk

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Can you believe ONE honey stick contains as much honey as ONE honeybee will make in her whole lifetime? It's like "honey to go"... great to pack in kids lunches, knapsacks, for your desk at work, keep some in the car, or take on a hike.  

Yummy treat size Buckwheat Honey sticks, each one individually sealed.  Packaged in a zip-lock bag.

Have you ever tried Buckwheat Honey? You must !!!  It's a whole new taste sensation when it comes to honey, and totally delicious. It also happens to be among the healthiest of honeys, with strong anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties.

Doctors now also recommend Buckwheat Honey as an effective remedy for coughs ... and it tastes so much better than commercial cough syrups.