Beeswax Bulk - from Canadian Bees - 5 lbs

Beeswax Bulk - from Canadian Bees - 5 lbs

Beeswax Bulk - from Canadian Bees - 5 lbs

Regular price $89.95

Pure 100% Canadian Beeswax, simply melted and strained, and cleaned without chemicals. And what a lovely, natural smell it has!

With natural beeswax the colour varies by the block, because (as you know) beeswax is naturally "stained" by the pollen the bees collect and the propolis they make. It's amazingly natural and gorgeous! Contains NO added scents, just the natural and sweet aroma of beeswax.

Rough finished, random weight blocks of different colours will add up to your order weight, or your package may include a single 5lb or 10lb. block. If you need just a few pieces or really prefer smaller blocks, please order the separately listed item "Beeswax Block - 454g / 1 lb".  Very small quantities can be purchased as "Beeswax Bulk - 1 oz.", or visit us in store for smaller size blocks or pucks of various weights.

Great for making a wide array of products ... Beeswax candles, Body care (lotions, lip balms, creams, salves), home care (beeswax wood polish, conditioner), crafts (sewing, encaustic painting, batik), modelling, and so much more. There are over 1,000 uses for natural Beeswax. Can be re-melted and reused indefinitely.

Always use a double-boiler to melt beeswax. It is highly flammable (which is why it makes such great candles) and should never be melted over direct heat. Extremely hot when melted. Wear appropriate protective eyewear and clothing and be very careful to avoid burns. Solid at room temperature.

Bulk Wax is priced by the pound, the more you buy the cheaper it gets. All prices are plus tax and shipping (if applicable).

5 lbs @ $ 17.99 / lb =  $ 89.95

10 lbs @ $ 16.99 / lb = $ 169.90

Call or email us for availability to purchase full larger single blocks (by exact weight of 16 - 45 lbs) or for larger total orders. We typically stock about 500 lbs. of Beeswax at any time.