Squishables Fuzzy Bee

Squishables Fuzzy Bee

Squishables Fuzzy Bee

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''Pardon me! I am a bee!'' the Bee said to the flower.
"May I trouble you for a grain or two of pollen at this hour?"

The flower stood invitingly and swayed upon its stalk.
But the flower said nothing in response, for flowers cannot talk.

"Hello?" the Bumblebee re-said, "I kind of feel ignored..."
But the flower kept its silence, for it had no vocal cords.

How happy, then, the Bee became when, before its very eyes,
A human friend appeared and offered pollen-honey pies!!

The moral is: befriend a Bee! Improve human-bug relations!
Flowers cannot talk, and thus are bad at conversation.

Medium is 15 squishy inches of anthropomorphizing!

Mini is 7 squishy inches.

All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only!