Firefly Encyclopedia of Trees, by Steve Cafferty

Firefly Encyclopedia of Trees, by Steve Cafferty

Firefly Encyclopedia of Trees, by Steve Cafferty

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From the Publisher:

"A colourful and comprehensive reference book on trees of the world, with an illustrated A-Z directory.

The Firefly Encyclopedia of Trees covers the entire world of trees with outstanding text and abundant illustrations and photography. Forests and woods cover 30% of the world's land surface. This book describes the forest ecosystem and the four major forest types of the world: boreal, temperate, subtropical, tropical.

The main part of the encyclopedia is the A-Z directory of the world's trees:

  • Species identification tables, fact boxes, and thumbnail maps show the distribution of native trees.
  • Information for each tree includes a concise taxonomic description and explains where the tree grows naturally.
  • Color photographs and illustrations depict each family in summer and fall, bark texture, leaves, seeds and nuts, and where applicable, blossoms.
  • Captions describe the dimensions and characteristics of each tree in exacting detail.

Other interesting features of the encyclopedia include:

  • Detailed descriptions of tree structures: shapes, trunk structure, root systems, leaf shapes and functions, flowers and fruit
  • Notable forests around the world
  • Effect of trees on economies and societies
  • Further reading section
  • Extensive glossary
  • Comprehensive indexes of common and scientific names.

The Firefly Encyclopedia of Trees features the familiar as well as the exotic. The Baobab, for instance, can store tens of thousands of gallons in water in its light, fleshy wood, remains leafy during droughts, and provides a natural source of water for people and animals alike."

Hardcover, may have slight damage to the paper dustjacket.

Published Sept. 2005,  288 pages

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