Cedarwood Bee Pollen - 460g Dried

Cedarwood Bee Pollen - 460g Dried

Cedarwood Bee Pollen - 460g Dried

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Cedarwood Honey has 25 years Beekeeping experience, and they know their stuff! About Bee Pollen they say:

"Bees gather pollen from flowering plants and trees and bring it back to the hives in sacs on their legs. It is high in protein and fed to young larvae to aid in their growth. We gently harvest pollen from these sacs as the bees enter the hive and ensure to harvest only from the strongest hives.

Even if you have taken Bee Pollen in the past please read this full description before using.

Bee pollen has a myriad of health benefits so much so that the German Federal Board of Health recognizes it as a medicine. Some enthusiasts claim that bee pollen can:

  • relieve inflammation
  • work as an antioxidant
  • boost liver health
  • strengthen the immune system
  • work as a dietary supplement
  • ease symptoms of menopause
  • reduce stress
  • speed up healing"

 We love Bee Pollen as a powerful supplement, and know you will too.

Locally sourced, from Harriston, Ontario. It's a great source of protein, and easily bio-available. Perfect for vegetarians or if you simply want to eat less meat and are looking for a good and tasty source of protein, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, without adding any cholesterol or sodium ... and it's gluten-free.

Studies are showing that for those with a mild seasonal allergies small amounts of 100% bee pollen may help build your resistance and alleviate symptoms!

In a "baby steps" regime (slowly working your way up, to lessen the possibility of an allergic reaction) take only 5-10 grains of pollen a day for the first week. If you have no allergic reaction then you can double it weekly, slowly working your way up over a number of weeks towards 1 teaspoon/day.

Shelf stable, but once opened it is best used within 6 months. Store in fridge or freezer to preserve freshness. 

Cedarwood Honey is a family-run beekeeping operation that brings over 25 years of beekeeping experience to the Southwestern Ontario area.