Absolutely Pure Wildflower Honey - 500g

Absolutely Pure Wildflower Honey - 500g

Absolutely Pure Wildflower Honey - 500g

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Absolutely Pure Honey is like “the fine wine of honeys”.  As the honey warms in your mouth the flavour opens up and it becomes multi-dimensional (just like a fine wine). Its thick viscosity indicates a lower moisture content, so it slowly melts in your mouth into honeyed-bliss. The robust flavour & smooth finish make it a real winner!  

This 100% Ontario Golden honey has a robust flavour and distinctive nose that greets you before you taste it, with flavours from dandelions and goldenrod and everything in between.

For those searching for a honey to assist in dealing with pollen allergies, this honey is considered local (within 100km) to Toronto.

Available in 500g and 1kg glass jars, and 3kg plastic pails.

About the Beekeeper

John Snape has been a beekeeper since 1981, in the Aurora area, minutes north of TO and up the DVP / Hwy. 404. While still in his 20’s he won the “Reserve Champion” of Canada Award at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair for his honey entry, beating out many long-time beekeepers. And, as we'd expect, Absolutely Pure Honey has won many awards since. John's 50+ hives are in and around York Region, including in Aurora, Newmarket, Mt. Albert and Kettleby, and he has been a mentor to a number of young beekeepers. 

Please note:

ALL NATURAL HONEYS will eventually crystallize. Some pure honey crystallizes faster, some slower. Some crystallize creamier, some more granular. Either way, this is a perfectly natural characteristic of 100% Honey. If you prefer your honey in a more liquid state place your jar into a bowl of hot (not boiling) water and it will reliquify (melt). Please do NOT put natural honey in the microwave, by doing so you will kill much of the natural goodness that "real honey" contains, including the enzymes, amino acids and vitamins. To keep your honey liquid longer store it in the warmest place in your kitchen.