Absolutely Pure RAW Honey - 3kg

Absolutely Pure RAW Honey - 3kg

Absolutely Pure RAW Honey - 3kg

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Looking for a truly "fabulous" honey?  Just like with a fine wine, the flavour of Absolutely Pure RAW Honey opens up as the honey warms in your mouth and it becomes complex and multi-dimensional. It's very creamy in texture, with subtle floral characteristics and a silky finish.

We think it's a real winner!

And ... see below for more "winning" information about Absolutely Pure Honey.

For those searching for a honey to assist in dealing with pollen allergies, this honey is considered local (within 100km) to Toronto. RAW Honey is especially good for this purpose as it contains a small amount of pollen (considered a homeopathic dose) in each delicious spoonful, in theory helping your body slowly develop its tolerance to airborne pollens. It's advisable to start eating RAW Honey 2 - 3 months before the onset of your body's typical annual pollen allergic response.  But start very slow (think baby-steps), eating very small amounts over the course of a day (and no more than 1 teaspoon per day) at the beginning. Work your way up as your allergy symptoms dissipate.

Available in 500g and 1kg glass jars, and 3kg plastic pails.

About the Beekeeper

John Snape has been a beekeeper since 1981, in the Aurora area, minutes north of TO and up the DVP / Hwy. 404. While still in his 20’s he won the “Reserve Champion” of Canada Award at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair for his honey entry, beating out many long-time beekeepers. And, as we'd expect, Absolutely Pure Honey has won many awards since. John's 50+ hives are in and around York Region, including in Aurora, Newmarket, Mt. Albert and Kettleby, and he has been a mentor to a number of young beekeepers.