Feeder Pail, Plastic, 3 gallon / 12L

Feeder Pail, Plastic, 3 gallon / 12L

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Spring and fall are the time to feed your bees! 

If you use a sugar syrup to feed your hives to help build them up, feeding with a pail feeder is an easy and efficient way to do it.  Reduce the chance of the bees running out between your hive checks by using this large volume pail.   Also helps to build up your new colonies, early-season splits, nucs and swarms. Simply place (feeder sieve down) on top of the inner cover. For added protection put a deep box (with the hive lid on top) on top of your inner cover.


  • 12 L capacity
  • Food-safe plastic, with stainless steel mesh screen 
  • Easy to refill, gasketed lid with filler cap 
  • Plastic handle